The latest business news in     Northeastern Wisconsin

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The latest business news in Northeastern Wisconsin

Why THE BUSINESS NEWS has no “Editorial Calendar”

Simply put – The Business News has no “editorial calendar” because we don’t publish “special sections” or “themed issues” as part of our newspaper.

Research has consistently shown the typical business reader tends not to read these types of sections (i.e. only tech workers seem to read Technology issues, only bankers seem to read Finance issues, etc.) – so we simply don’t publish them.

Instead, The Business News publishes regular features – geared toward the interests of all our readers – which appear in EVERY ISSUE of the paper! Addressing these important subjects all the time – in a format that is read on a regular basis – is a much better service to our readers (rather than once-in-a-while, per an arbitrary calendar).

These features cover topics like Strategic Planning, Growth Strategies, Health Care, Sales Training & Customer Service, Real Estate, Finance, Manufacturing, Technology, and more.

And as a better service to our advertisers – these features, because they appear in every issue of The Business News – always have our readers in a frame-of-mind which is more consistent with the advertiser’s message. Subject to availability, ads can easily be positioned – at any time – adjacent to a feature of the advertiser’s choosing!

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